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Hot Dog Vegan Adult a animal Protein free diet


Cezar’s Hot Dog adult Vegan dry food for dogs
Cezar’s Hot Dog Vegan dry food for dogs is a SUPER PREMIUM traditional diet with minimal high­ grade
ingredients resulting in superior taste and nutrition sourced from Australia’s premium ingredients and
Protein producers. Formulated with No animal Proteins combined with quality Peptide and Nucleotide Proteins for complete digestibility.

Dogs need a minimum Amino Acid Profile of 20, Cezar’s Hot Dog has a minimum of 21 ESSENTIAL Amino Acids to ensure health and longevity

*Formulated by Animal Nutritionists with over 20 years of experience.
*40% White Sorghum and Corn (ancient grains) and 15% Nucleotide Protein
*Excellent natural taste combination of cereal and Yeast derived Hydrolized Protein for super digestibility.
*Animal Protein product ­free with no Tapioca Starch or beet pulp
*Contains K9 super foods­ dried coconut, coconut oil, hemp seed and Turmeric
*Includes Pro(N8)ure­ Prebiotic, Probiotic and functional Enzymes

*Complete micro and macro nutritional inclusion, minimum 21 ESSENTIAL Amino Acid profile. Exceeds AFFCO and APIAA requirements





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