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Nourish Your Feathered Friends with Our Quality Bird Seed

At Cezar’s Choice, we’re proud to be expert bird seed wholesalers in Australia. We understand that having the right supplements and omega food for birds is an important factor in their daily intake and diet. Therefore, we provide Australian grown whole hemp seeds as high-quality bird food for your pet. As pet food suppliers and manufacturers, our team at Cezar’s Choice are dedicated to proving you with the most nutritional food for your animals and helping you find the best bird seeds for your feathered friends. When you want the best in sustenance and a balanced diet for your birds, choose our bird feed from Cezar’s Choice.

The Perfect Nutritional Balance Hemp Seed Bird Food

We source bird seed that is created with the finest ingredients so that your birds are always feeling their best. We ensure that our bird seed is fully natural with no artificial elements and that it is easily digestible by all birds. Choose from our range of products below. Each is high in nutritional value and has been specially formulated or sourced to boost your bird’s energy and protein levels.

Bird Seed Diet

It’s important to know that bird seeds aren’t an all-encompassing meal. Instead, they should be used as an additional source of protein, vitamins, and a boost in energy. Our pet birds deserve the best, and although they would happily take an all-seed diet, it may not necessarily be the best for their health. Therefore, at Cezar’s Choice, we have sourced bird seeds that can be used in conjunction with a normal pelletised diet.

At Cezar’s Choice, our bird seed contains omega 3, 6, and 9, and is proudly Australian grown. It also contains 23% of protein, 5000k/cal of energy, and 32% fat – making it a healthy and impressive snack or treat for all birds. A nutritious and varied diet is as important for birds as it if for us humans, and therefore, choose our bird seed from Cezar’s Choice to keep your birds performing to the best of their ability.

black capped chickadee eating
hand holding a bowl of hemp seeds

Hemp is an oily seed which means that the total amount it makes up in terms of dietary requirements and food should be no more than 5% – especially for smaller birds. Hemp seeds are perfect for when you need to provide your birds with a little extra energy. For example, if they’re ill or need to gain some extra weight, feed them hemp seeds as bird feed, and they’ll be feeling better much quicker. As bird seed wholesalers in Australia, our team at Cezar’s Choice understand what a balanced diet for birds looks like and therefore, we suggest that bird seeds only be used in addition to a regular nutritious meal. For more information on our hemp seeds, contact us today.

Why Choose Us?

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At Cezar’s Choice, we know how important it is for your lorikeet parrot to have a nutritious meal that is both digestible and will help to keep them strong. That’s why we supply delicious pelletised cuisines for lorikeet parrots as well as other nutritional products for any household pet. When you need the best food for birds, choose our team at Cezar’s Choice to help you find the products that your birds will love. For more information on why to choose us, contact us today.