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At Cezar’s Choice, we believe that our pets deserve only the best, with food that is both nutritional and delicious. Therefore, we’ve gone on a journey to create the healthiest, most enjoyable pet food for our furry friends. Catering to all small animals such as dogs, chickens, lorikeets, parrots, and other small birds, our pet food products at Cezar’s Choice are of high quality. We also ensure that our food doesn’t include any of the nasty artificial ingredients usually found in some other pet food companies in Australia. We pride ourselves on creating the best supplements for your pets, that will leave them happy, healthy, cheeky, and full of life. When you need nutritious food for your beloved best friends, one of the best pet food company and manufacturer in Australia – Cezar’s Choice.

What Pet Food We Supply


As one of the best pet food companies, our premium pet food is perfect for your four-legged friends. We supply traditional, grain-free, and pea-free dog food, depending on individual choice and dietary requirements. Take a look at our comprehensive range of raw pet food today.


As reliable pet food manufacturers, we supply dried mealworms for chickens. We believe this is the best food for chickens in both nutritional value and digestive ability. Call us for more information on our range of dried mealworms or chicken food.

Lorikeet & Birds

At Cezar’s choice, we supply the best lorikeet food. Our premium pet food is suitable for your winged friends and will keep them happy and healthy. We also have a range of parrot food that delivers on both value for money and nutrition. Get in touch for more information on our professionally formulated lorikeet and parrot food.

We provide whole hemp seeds as part of our bird feed range. This premium pet food is perfect for birds and will leave them feeling satisfied and healthy. As one of the best pet food companies, we understand what nutritional elements your bird will need to stay strong.

At Cezar’s Choice, we specialise in pet supplements and have a range of toppers and proteins that you can choose from. We pride ourselves on creating food that adheres to pet nutritional values, and therefore, our supplements are of the highest quality.

Pet food companies, like ours, love supplying the best treats for our best mates. Reward your pet with the most nutritional, premium, and delicious treats you can find when you team up with us at Cezar’s Choice.

Our Most Popular Products

Our Products

At Cezar’s Choice, we’re proud to be the best pet food manufacturers in Australia, and we earn this title by supplying premium pet food that will keep your beloved pets healthy and strong. You can choose from a range of pet foods including, raw pet food, the best lorikeet food and parrot food, bird feed, mealworms for chickens, and nutritional dog food. None of our food is artificially flavoured and takes only the best natural ingredients to ensure your pet is getting a balanced diet full of the important supplements they need to grow and stay active. Some of our popular products include:

Cezar's Choice

Specialised Cool-X-Truded Pet Nutrition


Cezar’s Choice Cool-X-Trude Nutritional products are the first of their kind in Australia. Our no grain, no peas, no fillers combined with our exclusive low-temperature processing ensures the superior hypoallergenic ingredients used remain completely digestible. This range is great for all dogs, including dogs with food allergies, and is also the best and most innovative dry kibble diet available anywhere in the country.



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Why Choose Us

At Cezar’s Choice, we’ve put together a team of professionals that are experts in finding the best food for your pets. We have the skills and expertise to find and source the appropriate premium food for your pet, to ensure they are well-fed and happy while staying healthy and active. Our food provides heightened nutritional value, so you never have to worry about what your pet is eating and whether it’s helping them grow. At Cezar’s Choice, we love your pets just as much as you do, and therefore, we’ve outlined a range of reasons why you should choose us for your next pet food run:

  • Discounted shipping
  • Money return: money-back guarantee under seven days
  • Online support
  • Products keep your pets active: Cezar’s Choice fuels and nurtures for high performance
  • Our products are balanced: they will support your pet through everyday life
  • Our products are great for training purposes – we’ve got treats that your pets will work hard for
  • Free membership
  • Receive a 10% discount on all products ordered online
  • Over 20 years of experience in pet nutrition
  • 100% Australian owned and made
  • All food is easily digestible and incredibly nutritious
  • Among the best pet food companies in the country
  • All products based on the latest scientific guidelines
  • Superior in formulation and production

At Cezar’s Choice, we’re expert pet food manufactures and know what it takes to supply delicious food for all pets. Only choose the very best food for your pet when you team up with us at Cezar’s Choice. We guarantee that your furry friend will love the taste of our pet food – leaving them wagging their tail in satisfaction. For more information on our premium pet food, contact us today.



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With an array of raw and premium pet food to select from, we’ve got a little something for all types of pets at Cezar’s Choice. From delicious dog food to nutritious bird feed, we’ve manufactured and supplied the best ingredients to keep your pets healthy and happy. Don’t wait, order from one of the best pet food companies today. For more information on Cezar’s Choice or our pet food products, contact us today or call us on 07 3143 2964. We have the skills and expertise in pet food to ensure your pet is getting the nutrition it needs and the delicious treats it deserves.