labradoodle eating goodies
labradoodle eating goodies

Your dog’s nutrition is its primary need. Choosing what you have to feed your dog is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make for its health.The link between diet and health for humans is well established: we all know that we should eat a balanced diet, ideally including fresh ingredients.

Read the Ingredients

This is the best way to make sure you are choosing  the right food for your dog. The best types of  food for dog have whole food ingredients like vegetables, fresh meats, fruits, and grains. Unlike cats, dogs are not carnivores, so they need a very well-balanced diet.Avoid foods that contain excess preservatives and high amounts of empty fillers like wheat and soy.


The easiest and most cost effective way to meet your dog’s nutritional needs is to use food that has been scientifically formulated to be balanced by a nutritionist employed by a pet food manufacturer. All pet food that is labelled as “complete” is legally obliged to provide all the nutrients that a dog needs.

Puppies need more calories, fat, and protein than adult dogs. Puppy diets also contain higher levels of certain vitamins and minerals, like calcium and phosphorous, to support tissue growth and development until they reach maturity around 12 months old.

Keep in mind that large and giant dog breeds (with an adult weight of 50 pounds or more) should receive food specifically formulated for large-scale growth to prevent obesity, orthopedic issues, and other prevalent health risks.