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Pet Food - Supplement

Most vets will recommend that you add some form of nutritional supplement into your pet’s diet. Pet food supplements become necessary when the food they are eating contains only minimal nutritional value. Therefore, to increase the amount of nutrients your pet is digesting, it’s important to feed them added pet food supplements. At Cezar’s Choice, we have a range of pet food supplements that we’ve worked hard on creating so that we’re sure your pet will love eating them. Not only are they delicious, but they will boost your pet’s strength and energy intake – helping them to stay happy and healthy at all times.

Our Range Of Products

At Cezar’s Choice, we have a range of supplements that you can choose from to suit the dietary requirements and preferences of your pet. We supply chicken tenderloin topper, hemp seed protein, and the best green tripe in Australia. No matter what kind of supplement you’re after, we’ve got a comprehensive range that’ll have you covered. Take a look at our products.

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Acid Pack 4 way 500gm

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Cezar’s Bone Broth with Hemp Protein 500gm

Cezar’s Bone Broth with Hemp Seed Protein can be added directly to food or in the drinking water.



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Cezar’s Joint Support Direct 500gm

Cezar’s Joint Support Direct is for direct application on food.



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Chicken Tenderloin Topper 500gm

Pure Chicken Topper

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Green Tripe Topper 250gm

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Hemp Seed Protein 500gm


Why Are Pet Food Supplements Necessary?

Boost your pet’s vitality

If your pet is suffering from a condition such as illness, pregnancy, stress, or needs help to grow or exercise, then a minimally balanced diet isn’t enough to sustain them. Instead, using pet food supplements may help in boosting your pet’s vitality and providing them with those extra bits of nutrients they need to thrive. Don’t let them get bored of their commercially prepared tin and dry food meals, and instead, treat them to delicious, healthy pet food supplements. At Cezar’s Choice, we take pet food supplements seriously and use only the best ingredients to prepare supplements the right way. For the best pet food supplements, choose our products at Cezar’s Choice.

Is your pet getting the required nutrients from their meals?

Sometimes commercially prepared pet food is balanced in a way that only includes the minimum amount of nutrients needed to sustain your pet. This often means that your pets are not receiving the additional nutrients needed to help them grow and increase their energy levels. This is why pet food supplements are necessary, as they can be used as a way to add extra nutrients and vitamins into your pet’s diet through delicious food that they’ll love. However, it’s important that your pet’s diet stays balanced and isn’t overrun by supplements. Therefore, our team at Cezar’s Choice have a range of pet food supplements that you can choose from after you’ve gained professional advice for your veterinarian in terms of your pet’s diet and nutritional intake.

What Makes A Good Pet Food Supplement?

At Cezar’s Choice, we offer a range of toppers and pet food supplements that are formulated and designed to help with a range of health and dietary needs. Our pet food supplements are perfect for improving:

  • Gut health
  • Immune support
  • Joint health
  • Brain health
  • Stress management
  • Much more

With added probiotics, prebiotics, and functional enzymes, we combine pet food supplements such as green tripe, hemp protein, coconut, seaweed, and collagen to create a pet food supplement that will increase strength and boost your pet’s vitality. To try our pet food supplement, call us today or want to know more about us then click here.

A natural solution

Feeding your pets raw, premium foods is a perfect way of boosting their immune systems and helping them get more nutrients into their diet. We supply natural pet food supplements such as green tripe and hemp seed protein to ensure your pets are getting only the best out of natural ingredients and are not being subjected to artificial colours. At Cezar’s Choice, we like to keep things natural and believe that pet food supplements should be created with your pet’s diet in mind.

If you are willing to get grain & starch free dry diet food for your dog then you can browse our cool-x-trude products.

Why Choose Us

With years of expertise in the pet nutrition industry, we have researched pet food supplements to understand how they can be used to boost the health of our furry friends. Our team at Cezar’s Choice only provide high-quality products that we know will add protein and nutrients to a balanced diet. In addition to pet food supplements, we also offer dog food, treat, bird feed, parrot food, and the best food for chickens. No matter what pet you have or what their dietary requirements look like, we’ve got the perfect pet food supplements to help your pets stay healthy and happy. Our products are locally sourced, easily digestible, and full of nutrients. To help you understand our team at Cezar’s Choice a little better, we’ve created a list of reasons why you should think about choosing us the next time you need pet food supplements:

  • Reduced shipping costs across the country
  • Under seven days money-back guarantee
  • Online support system for all your needs
  • Supplements that will increase performance
  • Products that are designed for optimum health
  • Supplements that can also be used as tasty treats
  • Free membership
  • 10% discount on orders made online
  • 100% Australian sourced and made

At Cezar’s Choice, we specialise in pet food supplements that are simple yet delicious. Our supplements are natural, full of nutrients and vitamins, and can be used to boost energy levels and keep your pets healthy. We also supply a range of other products for all pets and are dedicated to helping transform your pet’s diet. Choose Cezar’s Choice when you want the best pet food supplements for your pet. For more information on our pet food supplements, call us today.

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