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Cool-X-Trude is our new process for Cezar’s Choice dry food diets. Cool-X-Trude is when all the raw materials including Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotic etc are mixed, moistened and processed without steam directly through a special extruder at temperatures below 85 Celsius. At no time during manufacture will temperatures exceed 85 Celsius.

Cezar’s Choice is the ONLY Cool-X-Truded diet in Australia and the only Cool-X-Truded in the World GRAIN and STARCH FREE.

Why Cool-X-Trude

Cool-X-Truding is one of two processors to preserve all nutrients that are included the other is cold pressing. Fragile inclusions such as Vitamin E, B groups and Vitamin D can be totally destroyed by heat processing including the denaturing of Protein’s but all of the above and vital inclusions such as beneficial Bacteria (Probiotics) survive at the lower temperatures. Nutrients are easier to digest and more dense in comparison which has a higher Bio-Availability than high temperature extrusion. All commercial extrusion runs the raw material at high temperatures of around 125 to 160 celcius with high pressure through a small die-hole. As it leaves the die it expands and is puffed producing a hard cardboard like biscuit that needs substantial flavours before being palatable. In the process the high temperatures sterilise the product destroying many fragile Vitamins and fracturing Proteins. As our Cool X Trude is made with meat there is no need for flavours to be added and dogs just love the natural smell and flavour of this unique dog food.

Formulations available

Cezar’s Choice comes in 5 different Thrive Ultra diets: Adult for dogs from 12 months to seniors, Sport super high energy for trial or heavy working dogs, Low Fat, Neo-Natal/Puppy for pregnant, lactating bitches and fast growing puppies over 8 weeks and Bully Puppy (30% Protein) designed for Bull Terriers. ALL of our Thrive Ultra formulations are Hypo allergenic and suitable for dogs with food allergies or digestive issues. We produce a budget diet called Hot Dog it is our only diet that contains cereal, it has shown to be very low reactive to those with cereal grain allergies. It comes in one format only which is adult.

What to expect

Your dogs will eat less due to the high Protein inclusion and the low GI rating. They will drink a little more water due to natural wormers included (Bentonite Clay and Diatomaceous Earth), droppings will turn dark to black due to the premium quality Protein, increased energy levels and better overall health. Being a high Protein diet it will activate fat burning trimming up overweight dogs at a healthy rate.

How much to feed and converting to Cezar’s diets

As a general guide most adult to senior dogs will require 60grams per 5kg of body weight daily the same for those on the low fat diet. Working dogs using the Sport should require from 80 grams to 100grams per 5kg body weight daily. Dogs that are under huge workloads may require more. Neo-Natal and puppies can vary depending on dog breed so between 60grams per 5kg to 100 grams per 5kg, Bully Puppy users the same as Neo-Natal.
Converting to Cezar’s Choice diets should use the following: 1st week 50% old diet & 50% Cezar’s Choice, 2nd week 25% old diet & 75% Cezar’s Choice and the 3rd week 100% Cezar’s Choice.

These are basic guidelines and differing dogs with different metabolism will have differing requirements.

Ingredients Used

Meat meals (in some diets)

No synthetic or organic preservatives, flavours or additives are used. The diet is 100% natural and great for dogs which have food related allergies or digestive issues.

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