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Cezar’s Choice Pet Nutrition has over 20 years experience in nutrition and was founded in 1997 as Bird and Pet Nutrition. At the time we concentrated on birds and some small companion animal nutrition primarily formulating and manufacturing pelletized and blended seed type diets for those species.

As we continued to grow we moved into dog and cat diet areas both dry and raw varieties. Continuing to improve our products further studies are conducted through recognised Universities to keep on the cutting edge of innovative animal Nutrition. All products are based on the latest scientific guidelines and are superior in formulation and production.

How Cezar’s Choice Came About

It all started when Cezar came to us as a puppy I noticed some of his skin was covered in weeping welts that must have been very irritating. He would scratch and lick them till they bled.  The puppy pack that came with him (premium brand) was immediately binned and I set about to formulate a proper diet with no cereals, preservatives and real dehydrated meat. To ensure he would get the most out of it we produced it as cold pressed, Cezar’s Choice dog food was born.

His response was dramatic with all skin irritations healed within 10 days. Sensational diet for dogs with skin and digestive issues. Health starts in the gut give your dog the best give them CEZAR’S CHOICE.

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